About Us

Audi cranes is a family run business that has been serving the crane hire industry in Lebanon since 1982.

Audi cranes, a leader in safety, strives to maintain the most modern and advanced equipment in a world class safety program and work with clients and employees to communicate the necessary information, practices and requirements to complete all tasks while developing and updating our excellence of crane hire in Lebanon.

Audi cranes currently has a  fleet of cranes from the very compact 2 axel truck crane to the 300 ton All-terrain crane to meet your lifting needs in addition to integrating on-site analysis results with an AutoCAD drawing enabling managers to visualize the position and type of crane needed before implementation takes place.

Audi cranes has a qualified staff to assist you with all your crane requirements. Representatives can make a complimentary visit to your site to determine the best crane to meet your needs at the most effective cost price.

Audi cranes can be seen working in various sectors from the construction to the chemical and engineering industries.